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About The Personalised Dog Range

Hi All,

I thought I would do a blog seeing as it's been ages! and I wanted to explain about my personalised dog collection.

If you love dogs and follow my Facebook page you would have seen my new dog collection, I really wanted to tell you a little bit about the collection in more detail. 

The dogs have been drawn by an artist originally and hand-painted by watercolour, then digitally created.  As a graphic designer, I then create the prints etc using the dog images, add in accessories and furniture to create the general look of the print. The design of the print is created by myself but the dogs were originally painted by someone else which I am allowed to use in my work. 

I am asked if other dogs can be created, change colour or match a photo of owners dogs, the answer is simply no sadly.  I have a fair few breed's of dogs available and they are only available in the colours shown.  

There are over 340 dog breeds in the world would you believe, that's a lot of dogs and as you can imagine all with different markings and colours it would be impossible for the artist to draw every dog to be available to use. 

These are dogs availabe that I can use within my designs:

Of course, if you wanted a custom print of your dog exactly there are lots of artists available, that would create a hand drawing for you to match your dog(s).  I could even recommend a few artists, just let me know and will send you their Facebook pages. Obviously, you will be paying a premium for this with many charging between £50 - £200 upwards (which you are paying for their talent and time).

My prints start from £18.00 for A4 size and £23.00 for A3 size, mugs are £14.95 and cushions are £23.99 with free UK delivery.

My prints and accessories have been designed for dog lovers and not an actual portrait of your dog, hopefully this answers the questions you may have.  I wish I was a super talented artist but sadly I am only qualified in graphic design meh! 

 You can choose accessories for your dog too. 


I am expanding the range too and adding tote bags and possibly aprons...watch this space. 

I will not be leaving cat lovers out, I will be doing a cat range too, here is a sneak peek.

 Please keep an eye out on my Facebook page for updates.

Clare x


About My Prints

Evening All,

A late blog post from me today, time just kind of flew by, I wanted to tell you about my prints and the paper used blah blah blah, why I charge what I do. 

Where Is Wildfig & Co Going?

Hi There,

It's been a really long time since I posted a blog here, in all honesty, I have been trying to figure out the future of Wildfig & Co, where I go, what I change.